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Chemical absorption products (natural or synthetic)

Be prepared when emergencies happen. Spill absorption products designed to safely contain chemical spills. Natural or sysnthetic fibre options

Natural absorption products

ana fibre loose

Absorbent Fibre

Loose ANA-Fibre packaged in sturdy plastic bags. Designed to be poured onto a spill to soak up oil or chemicals. When placed on hydrocarbon-contaminated water, it will float and naturally clump together as it absorbs the spill, making it easy to scoop from the water. Will absorb up to five times its dry body-weight in litres of contaminant. Available in 4 sizes.

3kg/7.9L -$7  BUY NOW

5kg/13.2L -$12 BUY NOW

15kg/39.5L - $34 BUY NOW

25kg/65.8L - $50 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

wrap in ice bag

ANA-Fiber Absorbent Filled Booms

Big brother to the socks, ANA-Fibre filled booms can be used to dam large spills on water ways while absorbing vast amounts of contaminant. Suitable for both chemical and oil. Available in 2 sizes.

Absorbent Fibre Filled Boom 3m x13cm


Absorbent Fibre Filled Boom 3m x18cm

$110 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

Ana Fibre Socks

ANA-Fibre Absorbent Socks

These socks are designed to encircle spills, both absorbing the contaminant and ensuring the spill does not spread. They can also be floated on water. Available in 3 sizes

Absorbent Fibre Socks 1.2m x 6cm


Absorbent Fibre Socks 2.4m x 6cm


Absorbent Fibre Socks 3.6 x 6cm


* prices incl.GST

Ana fiber pillows

ANA-Fibre Absorbent Pillows

Our pillows are perfect for taking care of drips (and lining drip trays) or soaking up pooled spills. Available in two sizes.

Absorbent Fibre Pillow Small 35cm x 20cm


Absorbent Fibre Pillow Large 60cm x 40cm


* prices incl.GST

granular absorbant

Granular Absorbent Bags

Granular absorbent packaged in sturdy plastic bags. Designed to be poured onto a spill to soak up oil or chemicals. Will absorb up to 70% of its dry body-weight.

5 Kg bag -  $13.50 BUY NOW

15 Kg bag - $35.00 - BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

In some situations synthetic absorbent products have an advantage over the natural Ana-Fibre products. Synthetic products are completely dust free and can also be used on water.

chemical absorption mat

Synthetic Pads - chemical

These absorbent pads are used to soak up surface spills, contain drips, etc. They are available in packs of five, or in bulk (box of 100 pads)

Chemical Pad 400g - Pack of 5   $16.50 BUY NOW

Chemical Pad 400g - Box of 100   $184  BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

chemical absorption socks

Synthetic Socks – chemical

Designed to encircle, dam and absorb spills. Suitable around drums and other containers. Available in 3 sizes.

Absorbent synthetic fibre socks 1.2m x 7cm

$14.50 BUY NOW

Absorbent synthetic fibre socks 2.4m x 7cm

$18.50 BUY NOW

Absorbent synthetic fibre socks 3m x 7cm

$23.50 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

chemical absorption pillows

Synthetic Pillow – chemical

These pillows will soak up large spills and can be used as temporary plugs. Available in two sizes.

Absorbent Synthetic Fibre Pillow medium 35cm x 25cm

$8.50 BUY NOW

Absorbent Synthetic Fibre Pillow large 40cm x 50cm

$15.50 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

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