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50 l spill kit

Eye wash station - wall mounted

This wall mountable kit contains essential first aid tools for dealing with eye injuries and contamination

Clear Plastic Wall Mountable Box

Contains 24 components - refer to list of contents below

$112 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

eye wash shelf

Eye Wash Shelf - wall mountable

Emergency eye and skin wash shelf. Wall mountable eye wash shelf with 500ml saline solution and eye wash bottle


Refill - 500ml saline solution.

$13.50 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

optrex eye wash

Optrex Eye Wash - comes with an eye bath

Optrex multi-action eyewash has been developed to wash away particles to cleanse the eye and to soothe tired and irritated eyes. Optrex contains natural plant extracts

110ml - $21 BUY NOW

330ml - $28 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

eye wash bottle

Empty eye wash bottle with eye bath

two sizes: 250ml and 500ml bottles

250ml - $12 BUY NOW

500ml - $16 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

eye wash bottle plus

Eye wash bottle (250ml) with 500ml saline solution


* prices incl.GST

eye wash bottle plus

Eye Wash Bath with saline solution 500 ml


* prices incl.GST

500ml saline bottle

500ml saline solution

Saline 500ml - screw top bottle

$13.50 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

eye pad

Help-It eye pad – sterile

Two eye pad pack - $0.80 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

eye bath

Eye Bath

$0.60 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

saline solution

Saline Solution in ampoules

15ml - $1.75 BUY NOW

6 x 15ml - $9.50 BUY NOW

30ml - $2.50 BUY NOW

6 x 30ml - $13.00 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

eye wash

Eye Wash Irrigate solution with eyebath

All in one eye wash bottle with sterile fluid - 473ml


* prices incl.GST

eye bandage

Eye dressing with attached bandage

$1.75 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

refresh eye drops

Refresh Eye Drops

Refresh Eye Drops - 0.4ml. 30 per box

$23.00 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

paracetemol tablets

Paracetamol Tablets

Paracetamol Tablets 500 mg 20 pack

$2.50 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

ibrufen tablets

Ibuprofen pain relief

Ibuprofen 200 mg - 20 pack

$4.95 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

fabric roll tape

Paper Tape

Easy to tear, highly breathable, hypoallergenic and latex free Paper tapes are typically used on wound sites and injuries that require frequent taping and re-taping, where skin irritation is a concern.

White 12.5mm x 9.1m - $0.75 BUY NOW
White 25mm x 9.1m - $0.95 BUY NOW
White 12.5mm x 9.1m on dispenser  - $1.60 BUY NOW
White 25mm x 9.1m on dispenser  - $2.20 BUY NOW
Skin Colour 12.5mm x 9.1m - $0.95 BUY NOW
Skin Colour 25mm x 9.1m - $1.60 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

elastic adhesive bandage

Conforming bandage (PBT Bandage)

Conforming Gauze Bandages are constructed from a blend of polyester yarn and rayon. These bandages are soft, light weight and porous, giving great comfort and high levels of air circulation. High elasticity prevents bad blood circulation and restriction on the joint movement

5cm x 4.5m - $1.50  BUY NOW
7.5cm x 4.5m - $1.75  BUY NOW
10cm x 4.5m - $2.00  BUY NOW
15cm x 4.5m - $2.50  BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

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