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Ice packs

Disposable ice packs

Protects wounds while allowing free drainage.

Two sizes: Small (15cm x 12.5cm) or large (28cm x 14cm)

Small  -  $1.80  BUY NOW
Large - $2.50 BUY NOW
re-usable hot - cold pack

Reusable Cold and Hot Pack- Hot/micro or Cold/Freezer

Dimensions - 28cm x 14cm

$6.50 BUY NOW
wrap in ice bag

Wrap n’ Ice bags

Wrap n’ Ice bags with a neoprene Velcro strap to hold the ice pack in place (can be filled with ice or hot water).

$28.75 BUY NOW

Wrap n’ Ice bags without the neoprene Velcro strap.

$15.50 BUY NOW
freezy ice spray

Freezy Ice Spray - 400ml

Freezy Ice-Spray can be used for quick cooling of the skin. Not to be used on broken skin. Ensure it is held at least 15cm - 20cm away from the skin. Only spray in 3 - 4 second bursts

Single unit - $25 BUY NOW
Box of 12 - $246 BUY NOW

cold spray

Medi-First cold spray - 113g

Use like ice for relieving of pain and swelling from minor sprains, bruising and contusions.


bio-freeze spray

Biofreeze roll-on - 89ml

A topical pain killing gel that provides long lasting relief from a range of ailments, including arthritis, back pain, strained muscles, painful joints, sprains and sports-related injuries.

Biofreeze relieves pain using cryotherapy (cold therapy) by dramatically cooling the affected areas, reducing the blood supply to the painful area and reducing the ability of the nerves to conduct pain stimuli.

Biofreeze starts to work in 3 minutes and provides deep penetrating pain relief for up to 8 hours; meaning it only needs to be applied three or four times daily. Biofreeze is greaseless and stainless

Active ingredients: Natural Menthol 3.5%.

anti inflam cream

Nature's Kiss Anti-Flamme cream 90g or 450g tubs

Original Herbal Relief Crème is used for bumps, bruises, aches and pains.

Contains: Arnica Oil, Arnica Montana Flower, Calendula Oil, Calendula officinalis, Hypericum Oil, Hypericum perforatum flower, Peppermint Oil

90g tub - $27 BUY NOW
450g tub - $79 BUY NOW
anti inflam cream

Deep Heat rub

Deep Heat is designed to provide fast temporary pain relief of muscular aches and strains, lower back pain, arthritis and rheumatism. Strong combinations of proven medicants. A greaseless, stainless formulation for use before sport

Contains : Menthol. Methyl Salicylate , Chloroxylenol

50g - $9.50 BUY NOW
100g - $15.50 BUY NOW
warm up cream

USL Sports Warm-up rub 500g

Great for pre-game application to help with muscle tightness, aches and pains. Massage into the relevant area as often a required.

Active Ingredients : Wintergreen oil, Paraffinium, Liquidum, Cetostearyl, Alcohol, Cera Albam Camphor, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Polysorbate 60, Propylene Glycol, Dimethicone, Carbomer, Triethanolmine, Methyl Paraben, Propyl Paraben, Diazoldinyl Urea.

500g - $25 BUY NOW

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

It is used to reduce friction and prevent abrasions in the sporting field. It forms a seal around burns, grazes or other wounds to form a waterproof barrier to help prevent contamination or further infection. It can help soothe sore lips, minor burns, cuts, scrapes and sunburn, and chafing.

50g tub - $5.75 BUY NOW
100g tub - $9.50 BUY NOW
White Petroleum Jelly 2.5kg bucket

White Petroleum Jelly - 2.5kg bucket

Petroleum Jelly is used to reduce friction and prevent abrasions in the sporting field. It forms a seal around burns, grazes or other wounds to form a waterproof barrier to help prevent contamination or further infections

rigid sports tape

Sports rigid strapping tape

25mm x 13.7m single pack - $5.99   BUY NOW
25mm x 13.7m pack of 5 -  $25.00  BUY NOW
38mm x 13.7m single pack - $7.99   BUY NOW
38mm x 13.7m pack of 5 -   $29.99  BUY NOW

finger splint

Adjustable moldable finger splint

Moldable finger splint. Fold to create gutter, place limb inside and bandage in place. Can be easily cut to size.

$3.99 BUY NOW
bandafix nose bandage

Nose bandage

Bandafix® Nasal Slings are a high quality elastic net with absorbent viscose wadding.

  • quick and easy to apply
  • high absorption capacity
  • one size fits all.
  • Ideal for post-operative nasal procedures
  • $11.50 BUY NOW

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