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Major incident kit

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wall mountable retail medium kit

Major Incident kit

This comprehensive kit suited for major incidents.

wall mountable retail medium kit

Picture of carry bag with contents inside.

Major Incident kit  -  $679 BUY NOW

Refill for Major Incident kit -  $610 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

head block immobilising unit

Head Immobiliser Block for Spine Board PARA14

High-density foam head block, designed to be used with spine boards and scoops.

Features are:

  • Large ear holes to improve communication with patient and enable monitoring of ear canal.
  • Multiple straps for securing to stretcher.
  • Waterproof plastic coating.
  • Easy to clean.
  • X-ray, CAT and MRI compatible materials.
  • Dimensions: 42cm x 26cm x 18cm
  • Weight: 0.7kg

$235 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

complete immobilisation system

Complete Immobilisation System PARA27

This kit contains everything you need to safely immobilize and move a patient. Ideal for situations where neck and back injuries are a possibility.

This kit includes:

  • Spine board
  • Head Immobilizer
  • Spiderharness
  • Bag (can also be used as a body bag)
  • Naturally, each component can also be purchased separately
complete immobilisation system and PVC bag
Complete Immobilisation System with Protective PVC Body Bag

$1160 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

spine board harness

Spine Board Spider Harness PARA007

$310 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

cervical collar

Ambu™ Perfit™ ACE – Premium Cervical Collar Multi-Fit Head

Premium adjustable collar

Features are:

  • Four standard adult size settings plus 16 precise settings.
  • X-ray, CAT and MRI compatible materials.
  • Twin locking system to ensure the set position will not change after fitting.


* prices incl.GST

cervical collar

Standard Cervical Collar

Adjustable Collar designed to be used on a wide range of head and neck sizes

Features include:

  • Four height settings
  • X-Ray, CAT and MIR compatible material
  • Locking system to ensure set position will not change after fitting.Premium adjustable collar


* prices incl.GST

body splint

Body Splint - Extrication Device

The body splint enables you to stablise the patient's central body using a system of rigid bars and straps.

Can be adjusted to fit a wide variety of body shapes.

$398 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

viz vests

Hi Viz Vests - Rescue and Paramedics

Our High Visibility Orange Day/Night vests feature retro-reflective 50mm silver tape, sturdy plastic front zip and breast pocket. Complies with AS/NZS 4602.1:2011 standards. Sizes available: Small to 6XL, 8XL.

Sizes available: Small to 6XL, 8XL. When ordering please include size requirements in the shopping cart comments column

Orange Hi-Viz no brand vest $25.50 BUY NOW
Orange Hi-Viz First Aid Medic vest $25.50 BUY NOW
Orange Hi-Viz Marshal vest $25.50 BUY NOW
Orange Hi-Viz Site Manager vest $25.50 BUY NOW
Orange Hi-Viz Warden vest $25.50 BUY NOW
Orange Hi-Viz visitor vest $25.50 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

Q climbing safety helmets

High Quality QTech Sheild Helmets designed for Climbing and Rescue as well as Industrial use

When it comes to safety, it’s important to pick the right gear for the job. Our Climbing and Rescue helmets feature a polystyrene liner designed to protect from multiple impacts, whereas our Industrial Safety helmets are built with a cradle liner designed to absorb shock. Due to the inherent differences between these two systems, it is impossible to manufacture a single helmet that meets both standards. Do not be misled by manufacturers who claim their helmets meet both standards.

Product Features:

  • Strong, light ABS plastic shell
  • Low-profile slots for clip-on hearing protection
  • Multiple clips hold head torch strap in place. (Torch not included)
  • Venting system allows a continuous flow of air across the head to keep the wearer cool and comfortable, while maintaining impact protection.
  • Three-way adjustable nylon chin strap with robust, off-set clip.
  • Headband ratchet wheel makes adjustment easy for a wide range of head sizes.

Available in yellow, orange or white

Yellow - $99 BUY NOW
Orange - $99 BUY NOW
White - $99 BUY NOW

* prices incl.GST

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